Tokyo Calligraphy Meetup in Traditional Folk House-東京古民家書道会
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講師紹介 : コタニユカ / 東京古民家書道会主宰・デザイン書家


Why not enjoy calligraphy in traditional folk house, which is rare in Tokyo.
We offer a variety of courses.

■ The basic course how to use brush
Since you learned the calligraphy as a student, even if you're an adult that, even for those students that have received the lesson of the calligraphy currently, for also to people overseas that the first time to have a brush in life, I will carefully guide the use of the brush from the base.

■ The course to beautify handwriting your name(Chinese Character, Hiragana)
The opportunity of handwriting "your name" is most often. I will offer a role model of your name with brush (and pen if you need), it will be corrections.

■ The course of season words
There are rich four seasons in Japan. Let's write season unique words with brush, while specifically image the season. Course to enjoy the creation.

※ Calligraphy tools such as brush, ink, ink stone, underlayment, a sheet of paper will be available here. If you wish to use the calligraphy tool you have on your own, please bring.

Instructor : cotaniyuca / Calligrapher
Calligraphy instructor. I started calligraphy from 3-year-old at Calligraphy Institute "Daito calligraphy" in Daito Bunka University. Oin junior high school and high school, Sophia University graduation. Currently, I have studied with Tanaka Setsuzan teacher. Shoshokai, Yushokai, Ohitsukai member. I have produced Name-designed calligraphy works, calligraphy logo, event flyer, the letter-writing for shooting, wedding welcome goodwill, artists sign model, as a copyist etc.